team2-fwWelcome to the CyberTooth Robotics Team’s website! We are a FIRST® Robotics Competition team of enthusiastic and driven students and mentors, working together to build not only an amazing robot but also excitement for creating great things in STEM fields. Currently, our team consists of about 35 students and 15 mentors. Our students attend Northwestern High School in Kokomo, Indiana, and our mentors are made up of parents, teachers, AndyMark staff, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles staff, and everything in between. Our hometown is well-known for being a city of technological development, as Kokomo is the home of the first car to be manufactured in the United States, and we strive to make the next technological advances here as well. Currently, we are in the midst of building a robot for FIRST®‘s 2017 FRC game, STEAMWORKS. We were also selected to be one of the six teams to appear on RoboSports Network’s premiere season of check_in, a live show where FRC teams from around the world show the FIRST community how they are faring during build season. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to make sure you stay in touch with what our team is doing. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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Halfway There

We’re at the halfway point of the 2017 build season. CyberTooth is busily working away to complete our robot. This past week was spent doing prototypes and CAD. We’re slowly making progress. We’ve been finalizing our drive train design and making parts. Our shooter and conveyance is nearly complete in design; we’ve decided to use … Continue reading Halfway There

Build Season Day 6 (Approaching Week 2)

Build season for FIRST’s Steamworks is underway. We here at CyberTooth are looking forward to playing this year’s game. On Saturday morning, the team congregated at AndyMark at the bright-and-early time of nine-thirty. The warehouse was awash with predictions for Steamworks ranging from a water game (someday) all the way to a flying game, which … Continue reading Build Season Day 6 (Approaching Week 2)

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