Welcome to the CyberTooth Robotics Team website.   We are a crew of students and mentors, working together to build a robot and build excitement for creating cool things.  We are driven to create a strong, competitive team out at Northwestern High School and become an asset for the Kokomo community.

We are entering our sixth year as a team, and are currently preparing for this year’s game.

Keep track of our progress through our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

You can read up on us here, here, and here. Our local paper, the Kokomo Tribune has been very good at giving attention to the FIRST teams in our area.
We hail from Kokomo, Indiana, and are made up of students from Northwestern High School and mentors from AndyMark, Chrysler, and other local businesses.

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Build Season Day 6 (Approaching Week 2)

Build season for FIRST’s Steamworks is underway. We here at CyberTooth are looking forward to playing this year’s game. On Saturday morning, the team congregated at AndyMark at the bright-and-early time of nine-thirty. The warehouse was awash with predictions for Steamworks ranging from a water game (someday) all the way to a flying game, which … Continue reading Build Season Day 6 (Approaching Week 2)

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