We get asked a lot of the same questions over and over.  So, we created this page to answer them for us.


Q) Does your robot have a name?

Yes, the 2016 robot’s name is Lampshade (pronounced AGHHHHHHH). However, each robot has a different name.

Q) How old is your team?

We just completed our 5th season!

Q) How long do you get to build your robot?

Build season is 6 weeks long. (it starts January 7, 2016)

Q) Why does CyberTooth wear tutus?

Because we’re tutu cute, and we like to have fun with our team’s imagery!

Q) Do I have to be an aspiring engineer to join the team?

No, not every student will or wants to be an engineer. A robotics team relies on all different types of skill sets to be successful!

Q) What can I do at competitions?

There are so many available roles at competitions. You can be a part of the drive team, scouting, strategy, pit crew, and marketing teams!

Q) How do robots compete on the field in one match during an event?

During each match 6 robots play on the field. Three robots play on the blue alliance, and three robots play on the red alliance.

Q) How long has FIRST’s FRC program been around?

Since 1989, so 27 years! (as old as Taylor Swift)

Q) What is FIRST?

FIRST stands for “For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.” For more information, go to FIRST’s website.

Q) What else did FIRST founder, Dean Kamen invent?

Dean Kamen invented many great things including the segway, sodastream machine, insulin pump, portable dialysis machine, all terrain electric wheelchairs, and a water purifying system called Slingshot.

Q) What is CyberTooth’s favorite place to eat?

Steak n’ Shake or Chick-fil-a