Build Season Day 6 (Approaching Week 2)

Build season for FIRST’s Steamworks is underway. We here at CyberTooth are looking forward to playing this year’s game. On Saturday morning, the team congregated at AndyMark at the bright-and-early time of nine-thirty. The warehouse was awash with predictions for Steamworks ranging from a water game (someday) all the way to a flying game, which we kind of got. However, we were all surprised by the game. In my opinion, the fifth drive team member and having an actual human on the field are the most exciting elements of the game. Since Saturday, we have been hard at work trying to design a championship-level robot (we’re not quite sure if we have yet.)

Saturday was a day for reading the entire game manual, an arduous yet necessary task. We also formulated some questions like: what’s the deal with these prepopulated gears? (We now know; don’t move them). Additionally, we ate a lot of delicious foods; thanks CyberParents.

Sunday was for rest and mental preparation. Although, some students spent hours planning the perfect game strategy or perusing Chief Delphi. Veterans mostly spent time napping because we know we have to take the sleep we can get; the rookies do not the lack of sleep they are about to face.

The name of Monday’s game was strategy. We opted for a change of scenery for our four hour strategy session. The team headed to our local Indiana University Kokomo (special thanks to the wonderful math department for allowing us to hang out in a few classrooms). We spent hours talking game math, logical strategies, and contemplating game elements.

Tuesday was met with torrential downpour, high winds, and the CyberTooth priority list. We discussed whether the points lie in fuel or gears or some combination of both. We broke up into teams in hopes to develop an astounding drive train, fuel manipulator/shooter, gear manipulator, rope mechanism, and fine-tune our software skills.

On Wednesday, we charted out crucial deadlines in hopes that we won’t be tightening that last bolt at 11:57 on February 21st. We also began the prototype phase.

On today, Thursday, we are prototyping, prototyping, and prototyping.

It seems as though we are running out of time, even though we are just reaching the conclusion of Week 1. However, we can’t wait to see what this build season has in store for us. For now, we are working on those all-important prototypes.