End of Week 2/Beginning of Week 3

Here we are at the beginning of Week 3. CyberTooth has been busily prototyping, designing, and CADing. We cannot believe how fast build season is speeding by. We are almost done! (with build season, not our robot *sighs*) We’ve been making a good amount of progress and  chewing a good amount of bubblegum.

Last Saturday was very productive. We used Gaffer’s tape to identify how small our drivebase will be this year. It’ll be interesting to see how small everyone’s robots are this year (we don’t hate it). Our programming team also made progress on ideas for this year. Our gear-focused group constructed a polycarb prototype to contain gears. Our fuel group brainstormed an intake design, and tested different wheel treads. Our rope group tested various kinds of rope; this group even found rope that really embraces our CyberTooth aesthetic. We continued prototyping throughout the week. We were able to identify a tread that best supports our goals for our fuel shooter. We also built a strong prototype for our intake. We are pushing through build season! Until next week!