Week one started off great with kickoff! Our team went to a local small business incubator in Kokomo called Inventrek. We took advantage of their auditorium and conference spaces that were recently renovated after the tornado in 2016 damaged much of the building. We’re excited about this years game! Here are some of the team members’ thoughts on it.

The team!

“I like it.” … “I enjoy how when you look at the field you can see who has the advantage.”
—Andy Baker

“I am fond of all strategies that come with time base scoring, and how the game can evolve without robots getting more complicated.”
—Gus Devaul

For most of the afternoon we were in three different groups to read the manual: two groups that read together and one group that read individually. For lunch we had macaroni and cheese, pulled pork, assorted fruit and veggie trays, chili mac made by our beloved Rick and Taylor, and many different delicious desserts.

(Pictured left to right) Maggie Mccool, Donovan Hall, and Rick Pease

“The chili mac was outstanding!”
—Blake Andrew

“Thank you to all of the mentors who provided the food. It was delicious :)”
— Isabelle Baker

We finished reading the manual and gathered back in the auditorium to discuss all the possible robot actions for this year. LINK TO CHART WE MADE ON KICKOFF. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CHECK IT OUT!
Our Kickoff Chart

We are extremely hyped for the game this year, POWER UP We would also like to thank
Inventrek for letting us use their outstanding facility.