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We started off the week with a long meeting from 5-9 on Monday to discuss where we want our robot to go this season. We topped this meeting off not only with great ideas, but with pizza and an ice cream bar provided by our wonderful mentors. We split into four groups: strategy/point, drive base, cube team, and face the boss. The following nights we collaborated on ideas for our robot.



Our top priority this week was to have a working drive base, which was successfully completed. Along with the drive base we came up with some ideas for collecting the cubes. The photo of the cube intake design is not what we are planning to do, but it was an idea that got us to our final strategic concept. We opted not to pursue the three stage elevator idea. We’ve enjoyed brainstorming, and we came up with a more efficient cube placement strategy.


(Pictured from left to right) Craig Williams, Donovan Hall, Holly Hall, Jerry Hartman, and Gus Devaul


“We chose a simple drive base and it is working great!”

-Thomas Warner

“This is my first time wiring a drive base and all of its components and it ended up being wonderful.”

-Lucy Baker

We finished the week strong! We’re enjoying the game, and we wish all teams luck in their design process. Five more weeks to go! Keep up the outstanding work!