Girls in STEM at the local library!


Between Bag Day and our Open House, these past two weeks have been hectic! We have compiled a couple of videos to wrap up our build season. Check out our Reveal Video and Build Season Overview!



For our last week of build season we got the rollers, wrist for the claw, and the 2 stage elevator running. We focused a lot on debugging and the button mapping was redone on Saturday. We are also testing the gyro sensors for telling positions and angles for auto. Our autos include a 1 cube switch auto and a cross over to the null zone auto. Both were running well before we bagged on bag night. We spent bag day bag day driving the competition bot around the field. To operate the robot, we programmed the elevator and claw two different modes: one for climbing in high gear and one for picking up cubes in low gear.


This week we finished wiring the competition robot’s elevator before bag day. We are using energy chains on the elevator to protect the wires and pneumatic tubing so that the elevator can extend completely. On the practice robot we have been going back and making some changes both for weight savings and rerouting. We were having problems with using an ethernet cable to connect to the sensors on our claw, so we decided to switch to PWM wires. We also had to change our wire path after adding a plastic piece to our claw so that it did not interfere with our climbing. We are very pleased with the progress we have made with electrical this year. 



The imagery team has been spending many evenings these past weeks ironing out the details of our costumes. We are excited to present our costumes at our first event, the Miami Valley Regional in Ohio. At this competition we have arranged a Indiana only ice cream bar with teams 234 and 868 as apart of the CyberTooth Team Bonding Initiative. On Saturday February 17th we hosted our Open House at the new AndyMark. Itw was a great success, we had a wonderful time showing our robot to the sponsors and parents. This past Thursday the ladies of CyberTooth put on a demo at a women in STEM event held at our local library. We will be spending the coming week preparing handouts for teams and judges.


Working on bumpers!


The assembly of the practice bot got finished early in the past weeks. We weighed the robot a week before bag day and it was in total 10 pounds overweight, so we sat down as a team and listed any and all possible solutions for losing weight. We agreed on redesigning the buddy bar with wood instead of metal. We learned that it can hold over 400 pounds! Next, we finished the assembly of the competition robot and our bumpers! Bag Day crept up on us, the robot wasn’t in the bag until 11:56 p.m. that night. We are still not 100% finished with our competition bot, we will be working on more ways to improve at our first competition, the Miami Valley Regional in Ohio.

See you at the Miami Valley Regional!