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(from left to right) Thomas W., Nick L., and Amanda W.

This week we had many goals, the biggest one being to finish the assembly of our practice and competition robot. Another big goal of this week was to announce Woodie Flowers nominee, Nick Lawrence. Our mentors also announced their Dean’s List nominees. Congratulations to Thomas and Amanda! 



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For software this week we tested the code we wrote that will turn the robot to a desired angle. Next we wrote code for our wrist joint. Finally, we started working on our auto line program. Saturday we set up Talons for the robot and worked on the switch auto.





The primary goal for this week on the mechanical team was to finish assembling our two robots; a practice robot and a competition robot, but also to prepare them for the electrical and programming team. Both goals were successfully completed! Week six will include small changes to design, and fixing any robot breaks, while also coming up with more efficient iterations of current systems. Friday, a long build day, we capped the night off with a midnight snack at IHop.


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(from left to right) Liz S., Nick L., Gus D., Isabelle B., Nathan M., Dylan H., THE Andy Baker., Vivianne., Maggie M., Lucy B., and Paige H.





Electrical worked a lot this week on prepping the electronic boards for the practice and competition robot before they had to be put in the robot. This has allowed us to be able to plan, edit, and take the time to focus on tedious wiring tasks without interfering with mechanical and software robot time. There has definitely been a lot of soldering and Anderson Powerpole connecting. On Friday night we were able to rivet in the practice robot electronics boards and connect almost everything! We are still waiting on a few more mechanical parts on the elevator and intake to finish up before we finish wiring. We are happy to say the electrical is right on track!


This week we continued to plan our costumes for this year which will include our signature tutus! Our Woodie Flowers essay was submitted on Wednesday of this week. On Saturday a reporter for one of our local newspapers, The Kokomo Tribune, came to our shop and we explained the game, our robot design, and the inner-workings of our team. This was a busy week for building so most of our time was spent helping finish the assembly the practice bot.