On Monday we hadIMG_0397.JPG an option for students to come in as early as 1pm to work on various projects going on within the team along with our regular meeting from 6 to 8. Here we discussed what our software team is up to, and they wanted to include what they have been doing this week.

“Cybertooth’s software team has been busy getting ready for this years game! One program that we have decided to use this year is GitHub, which allows the team to share files. GitHub has already proven to be better than last year’s file share system, which had problems merging code, by allowing each member to work on the program separately and upload their version of the code to a non-permanent holding space. Programmers can then communicate about the changes made, troubleshoot separately, and eventually push the code from the holding area to the official, (hopefully) bug-free code that will be permanently deployed to the robot. This week, we’ve been utilizing GitHub to set up the LabVIEW code that initializes the shifter, set up the encoders that we will use to track distance, and start gyro code that will track angles in auto modes this year.” Our software team also tested our drive base code and mapped out our autonomous mode. Drive practices have begun with our practice robot.”

We worked on finalizing our elevator power chain for lifting the cubes and climbing. We are not depending on prototyping for our elevator design, our mentors can show us what works. Our cube intake is still a work in progress, we have been experimenting with different types of compliant wheels. CHECK OUT OUR INSTAGRAM FOR VIDEOS OF TESTING!!! (We’re over 2,000 views!!)

Pictured from left to right: The Andy Baker, Dylan H’s head, and Thomas W

Our marketing team has been working away on our Chairmans Award essay and video. this week we have started something special,  WEEK TWO UPDATE VIDEO! this video was made by our beloved teammate, Carleigh. Imagery ideas have flowing, things such as using perler bead crafts to make little team icons. We chose this because it gives that 8-bit style that the game has. we finished the bead placement and was on our way to iron it when Vivianne bumped into it and ruined it. It ended up okay, we were able to salvage it and all of its glory.


There have been a few students who have been working on building field pieces. We have successfully finished a switch and the scale.


Pictured from left to right: Alex L, Thomas W, Tyler W, and Blake A.


Check in next week to see updates with robot design and other fun things!