This week has been increasingly difficult because members have been going back and forth between two different buildings. While we meet at one building, the other building has all of the machinery that we need to prototype. At the other building we also have a full field, which we are using for drive practice. It has been a challenge scheduling time for the robot and people to be at one building or the other. On top of this issue we also had an unexpected snow day on Wednesday, which means that all extracurricular activities are canceled.

Sub-groups on the team have been asked to present a paragraph describing all the happenings of this week. This is a new way of formatting our blog posts. We would greatly appreciate your feedback, please tweet us @3940cybertooth!


In the CAD group this week we worked out some geometric problems. Some of  which are going to be conflicting with the operation of the claw. We created the CAD for the climbing hooks, which can be located underneath the claw. We have created a lighter version of the elevator that is designed for some of the heavy parts. The system that will be used to raise and lower  the elevator has also been put into CAD.


Elevator Gearbox





In software we worked on finding sensors for the robot. We narrowed it down to a defuse sensor with a range of six inches. On Saturday, we started looking closer into automode  for the robot. We have found a sensor that is called a Time-on meter. The purpose of this meter is to log how many hours the robot runs.  



(pictured) Blake A.

The CyberTooth shop was bustling with prototyping work.  We finished up the basic design for our claw mechanism and made a couple tweaks. We also started working on a hook mechanism to attach to the bar. We came up with a couple designs for a buddy bar system to allow other robots to attach to us when we climb. In CAD news we finalized our cube manipulation CAD and are ready to start cutting metal!









The marketing team has been writing and drafting our Chairman essay along with interviewing the Principal for our Chairman video. We have most of our video recorded and are now in the process of editing. This week we also got the team together to choose the mentor we will be nominating for the Woodie Flowers award. The update video for week 3 is out! Watch our video on Instagram or Click here to see!