Between birthdays, fabrication, robot breaks, powder coating, and sending in parts for welding, week four has definitely been eventful!

Dylan H.


It was crunch time this week in mechanical to make sure we got all of our robot parts manufactured. We cut, milled, lathed, and sanded every meeting to meet our powder coating deadline. We succeeded, and we now have buckets of purple and white parts to assemble! The entirety of our Saturday meeting is made up of assembling all the systems of both our competition and practice robot.



Nick L. and our powder coated parts!

This week in software we wrote the code to cross the auto line along with testing. We also written skeleton code for our claw and elevator mechanisms but haven’t tested them yet. Early Saturday morning, we wired up our two sensors that enable the claw to sense the cube.




This week in CAD we worked on finalizing all the details and also designed a follower wheel to place on the robot. We first started by researching past designs of follower wheels and found out what kind of omni-wheel and encoder we are going to be using. After deciding which materials to use, we created two plates to mount the part and finish the design. The next step is to manufacture and put together the follower wheel.

CAD of Electrical Layout


We have been very busy with electrical this week! We were able to finalize our electronics layout, which allowed us to make cutouts in our EuroBoards that we will be using as the belly pan of the robot. We had to get very creative and went through various  layouts before we finalized on what electronics would be in the front or back. To prototype the layout, we made drawings of all the electrical components in CAD, and made cardboard scales of how much room we had to work with. We decided we would put a few elements (including our main breaker and radio) on the side support beams of our elevator, and we will be stacking a few of our speed controllers on top of each other. Today we began to physically screw parts down and start wiring. Electrical is coming along!

(left to right) Maggie M., Max M., and Holly H. (bottom) Donovan H.



This week we successfully submitted our Chairmans Award Essay and finished our Chairmans Video! We also began writing our Woodie Flowers Award Essay. Something new that we decided to create was the CyberTooth Team Bonding Initiative. The reason for this is to share with other teams what we have been doing all build season, and to try and learn from each other. We had our first conference call with 2826 Team Wave from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Happy Birthday Maggie, Max, Donovan, and Holly!