This year, in the midst of the FTC Rover League Championship, CyberTooth viewed kickoff at IUK in Kresge Auditorium. We were thrilled to have PantherTech team 292 join us for the game reveal. In addition, some CyberTooth Alumni came out to support the team during kickoff and helped us brainstorm strategies. Here are some members’ thoughts on the game…

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CyberTooth & PantherTech group photo

“Love the game! I appreciate the challenge of robots climbing up to HAB 3, I also enjoy the new, unique game piece, the hatch panel.”

–Andy B.

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CyberTooth Alumni: Donovan H., Mica H., and Sam H.





“I am ecstatic to see how other teams develop different mechanisms to play the game. I am also excited to see how many teams will climb to HAB level 3”

– – Thomas W.

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Reading the manual


“Sandstorm? More like #BirdBoxChallenge”

–Kaitline M.

“I feel that this game is a great culmination of past games. We have been analyzing our past robots, and I believe our team is prepared for the challenges of this game.”

–Lucy B.

Week one has presented many challenging thoughts and concepts about the game and robot design. This past week we had been contemplating what we wanted our robot to do. On Wednesday night, we narrowed down our robot in a sentence: Robot can put cargo and hatch panels in all lower levels and can reach level three on the habitat. We also decided on our drive base, an AM14U4 in an 8WD configuration using AndyMark SmoothGrip wheels powered by miniCIMs and 7.56:1 EVO Slim gearboxes.

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We are so thankful that we got to watch the game reveal with PantherTech team 292. Shoutout to IUK for lettting us use their facilities, kickoff couldn’t have been better!

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