Week 5

This week we decided to post our blog after our Saturday meeting because we would have more to share. On Saturday, our good friends, The Iron Kings, came to visit us in hopes that we could provide advice for their team and use our facility. This week has been incredibly fun and productive. Assembly Once … Continue reading Week 5


The below 0 temperatures presented some challenges for CyberTooth this week, but that has not prevented us from accomplishing our goals and meeting our deadlines. Software This week, Programming achieved its first auto assist. It requires some more tuning but currently, the A button will cause our robot to automatically turn towards the vision targets. … Continue reading WEEK 4


This week was particularly straight forward. Thankfully, the snow and below freezing temperatures did not affect the meeting times. The CyberTooth practice robot is close to completion. As soon as the practice bot is finished, we will begin assembly of the competition robot. CAD Final systems integration and design of the HAB3 mechanism were completed, … Continue reading WEEK 3