CyberTooth has been freezing their tails off in this unbearable weather! Not all students could make it to the meetings, but we have somehow managed to keep up with our deadlines.


In the last week we have went for “Crayola” CAD to actual design detail of our utility arm/HAB 3 climbing mechanism. We sized out what cylinders we need based on misalignment we would like to have left/right on the platform, as well as the force required to have enough grip to lift our robot. We also concluded that custom gearboxes are needed for our utility arm to give us more room for adjusting the gear ratios and motor types later. Detail design of these gear boxes was accomplished and much of the arm structure was finalized. There was also some “Crayola” CAD happening on a simple roller claw intake which will use a separate, over-the-bumper intake to acquire Cargo from the floor.

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chain tensioner






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Panel mechanism

The Hatch Panel group has worked on prototyping different mechanisms that retrieve the panel from the HP station and picking up the panel from the floor. Some students worked on cutting materials for potential prototypes and others worked on discovering a way to center the panel.


Cargo mechanism

The focus for Cargo group this week was prototyping. We decided that our first priority was obtaining cargo from the floor. In past years, we have successfully used roller mechanisms to pick up similar game pieces, so we decided to take a comparable approach this year. Some testing was done to decide which wheels were more effective with Cargo. The 4-inch Green Compliant wheels worked best. The wheels allowed us to work with the varying sizes of Cargo. The next objective is to integrate these wheels into a prototype claw mechanism for obtaining and delivering Cargo.

Softwareimage from ios (7)

There has been lots of research and experimentation. With the lack of an autonomous period, the software team has decided to brainstorm ways to assist the driver during the Sandstorm period. Because of limited bandwidth, we have decided not use a full video feed. We began experimenting with using a limited 360 camera video feed. There has been some success with finding the retroreflective tape on the field using the Limelight 2. We hope to begin implementing some of our devices on our small, tester software robot.

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