The below 0 temperatures presented some challenges for CyberTooth this week, but that has not prevented us from accomplishing our goals and meeting our deadlines.


This week, Programming achieved its first auto assist. It requires some more tuning but currently, the A button will cause our robot to automatically turn towards the vision targets. Next week, advancements such as accuracy and speed will be added.


The HAB 3 climbing mechanism has been completely assembled and tested with various weights and articulations. At 40 psi the mechanism was able to attach on perfectly aligned and hold our fearless mentor, Nick L. There were some problems with the grip abilities as the mechanism was tested on different areas of the HAB3platform. Testing with 60 psi is on this upcoming weeks agenda. 20190131_21112520190131_211344






Cargo Mechanism

The cargo mechanism was completed along with the HAB 3 climbing mechanism. It was also made with the ability to have different wheel stacking patterns depending on ball size. The tests that were done with the mechanism look to be promising for accomplishing our goal of being able to in the cargo ship and the lower lever of the rocket.


The students have spent a lot of time assisting the mentors with the CNC machining of the parts. Almost all of the parts for both our practice and competition robot are complete and ready to be sent in to be powder coated. The color scheme this year is purple and white!IMG_20190126_132218

CyberTooth Plans on assembling our powder coated robot next week and continuing to test our mechanisms along the way