Week 5

This week we decided to post our blog after our Saturday meeting because we would have more to share. On Saturday, our good friends, The Iron Kings, came to visit us in hopes that we could provide advice for their team and use our facility. This week has been incredibly fun and productive.

Image from iOS (20)Assembly

Once our parts were powder coated we began assembly of the mechanisms and gearboxes on Saturday. When Monday came around we had a complete assembly of our competition robot and gearboxes. Our competition robot assembly was completed days before our set deadline. In the upcoming week we intend to finish wiring the robot and begin drive practice




This week, software achieved writing code for our HAB3 climbing mechanism. We spent the week refining it with PID and adding other improvements such as end-stops to keep that robot from breaking. We now plan on finding a way to mount the LimeLight camera sensor on our practice bot with our HAB3 mechanism in and then tune it to track vision targets.


Saturday electrical Started wiring our robot base.We routed a sheet of euro board to use as our base belly pan with mounting holes for all of our electrical components. We also wired all of our potentiometers and hall effect sensors to a breakout board on our axle speed controller. Also, the Motor leads for all mechanisms have been wired.

ImageyImage from iOS (16)

The whole team spent a portion of Saturday tie-dying their own shirts. It was an amazing way to take a step back from the robot and bond with teammates. This upcoming week we will be creating our light-up tutus!


With bag day approaching we hope to put the final touches on our robot. Good luck to all the teams!